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Antique Restoration and Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair and Restoration Projects

Over the years we've completed many projects involving all sorts of damage and missing pieces. Broken legs and spindles, decaying joints, missing limbs ... we've repaired them all! We endeavor to make the repairs in keeping with the original and authentic, so, for example, if the original only used wooden joints then we don't use metal in our repairs. We always ensure all pieces are carefully stabilized by securing joints, replacing dowels, remaking tenons, and repairing legs. We also have a channel on YOUTUBE with some short videos showing different highlights and techniques and discuss the projects in more detail in our BLOG.

Repair of broken chair
This chair was a family favorite, but came to us broken in four places. When we returned it to our client, she couldn't find which legs were broken -- which means we did a good job!
Repair of broken desk
This pretty antique desk had a wobbly leg. Took a little bit of Dewey 'magic' but it was soon repaired better than ever!
Repair of broken chair
Another broken chair. Sadly it looked like it had left the factory broken but the owner only realised when it was too late. It was part of a dining set so our client was keen for it to be repaired.
Repair of broken mirror
This mirror had a damaged frame and broken glass. Not an easy repair since where it was broken was narrow and it needed a inlay 'bowtie' joint to make the repair and strengthen the frame before replacing the glass.
chair repair
This pretty antique chair had a broken leg. We used wooden peg joints to repair it (no screws because that would not be authentic) and now it is ready for more years of use. We keep our repairs true to original methods.
Broken corner chair repair | Heirloom Restored
This chair looked deceptively sound when it arrived, but we soon discovered all the joints were failing and it was falling apart! We gently took it apart and rebuilt it, when our client saw the finished chair her reaction was "Wow!" WATCH VIDEO
furniture repair | Heirloom Restored
A 3D puzzle for us to put together the parts of this wooden finial suffering from water damage. When we finished it looked like new! SEE BLOG
Furniture refinishing | Heirloom Restored
This table had weak joints, but on closer inspection we realized that the joints were failing and needed to be rebuilt. We remade the tenons as needed and reinforced the mortise joints.WATCH VIDEO
restored phonograph | Heirloom Restored
This customer wanted this antique phonograph restored. A slightly different family heirloom project which ended up back to its prime after careful restoration and refinishing.
Refinished glider bench | Heirloom Restored
This was built by our client's grandfather and she understandably wanted to have it brought back so that it could take pride of place on her porch. It was literally falling apart and needed new bearings and some new pieces to be made but it was soon looking great (once again!). She was delighted!
Replacement Spindle | Heirloom Restored
This chair belonged to a set, unfortunately a child broke the spindle and our client wanted the chair repaired to sit in her remodeled kitchen diner. Dewey crafted a replacement spindle and once it was stained to match, no one could tell which one was the replacement!
Removal Damage Repair | Heirloom Restored
A small repair for us but a big deal for our client. This dressing table had a leg and the struts (that held the mirror) broken during a house move. It took her some months to find us but when she did and we quickly fixed her beloved dressing table; she was overjoyed with the result and having her table restored.

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