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Water Damage Repair

Living in Louisiana we are no strangers to flooding and water damage! One of the joys for us is restoring pieces that our clients believe are beyond repair. In fact we often have projects that come to us in pieces and we have a 3D puzzle to solve in putting these pieces back together. Another problem we regularly deal with is cracking or peeling veneer, unfortunately old veneer was stuck down using hide glue, a water soluble glue, which when exposed to water or dampness will usually need replacing. Here are some of our projects, we also have a channel on YOUTUBE with some short videos showing different highlights and techniques and discuss the projects in more detail in our BLOG.

water damaged table
This table survived Hurricane Isaac but was badly water damaged leaving it in pieces and with water marks. It took some time but we were able to put the table back together, eliminate the water marks, and refinish the table.
veneer repair
This tallboy had damaged veneer, we replaced this and refinished it carefully blending in the finish. The hardware was polished making the finished piece look as good as new. WATCH VIDEO
table with water damage
This beautiful African mahogany table was a 'survivor' of Hurricane Katrina, but suffered severe damage to the veneer and wood. We carefully repaired the veneer and refinished it to bring it back to prime condition. WATCH VIDEO
furniture repair | Heirloom Restored
A 3D puzzle for us to put together the parts of this wooden finial suffering from water damage. When we finished it looked like new! SEE BLOG
water damaged side table
This pretty side table had black marks (ink?) and water rings. We carefully removed the marks and restained the top to match the rest of the table, finishing with a coat of beeswax as requested by the owner. Looks like new now!
Repair of flood damage
This small side table survived 4 ft of flooding and came to us with badly damaged veneer (and still dripping). We dried it, stripped it, repaired it, and brought it back to as good as new! The repair included crafting a new drawer knob on a lathe, a minor detail that makes a big difference.

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